Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prayer heart-it's a God Thing

This is what started it all. Prayer hearts and fish.

I was reading my bible, trying to find answers to handling the difficult people in my life and the idea for these came to mind. It began as giving myself words of hope and help.

I had a handful and I took them to the first show I did. It was amazing to watch men and women go through the wicker basket filled with them and read each one. Some people would pause, move the heart around in there hand, feel it like it was almost speaking to them. Ladies would turn to me, sometimes with tears in their eyes and sometimes with a smile and say, "this is perfect for my friend" or "I need this".

I hear stories about long ago purchased hearts or fish and how they were held during cancer treatment, in a pocket for years after a wife died or how it comforted or encouraged a loved one. So I have termed them "the God thing". I may make them, but God is the one that speaks to the hearts of people through them. I have my favorite sayings that I do over and over, but they are an evolving item based on my life or the lives of people I know. Whatever I am going through or have gone through are on the hearts.

Remember, out of the heart the mouth speaks". What's in your heart? At times I am filled with love yet other times I am really angry or hurt or frustrated. When I feel the latter, I need to watch what I say or I'll share it with anyone who will stand there long enough to listen. Or course, I feel bad about venting, later.

So the moral of this is human to have all the emotions I have mentioned. What we need to do is "take a hold of every thought and think on that which good". We need to have hope. I find my hope in The truth in my Lord. There was a time when I did not....that Story will wait for tomorrow....