Friday, April 1, 2011

To create is to live

Here you go, just a piece of the chaos I call the studio.  I grew up creating things.  Maybe I created because of my genetic make up since my mother was a sculptor, painter and photographer and my father is landscape architect.  I think creating is in your blood.  Some people create with food, cloth, plants, brick, wood, etc, etc, etc.  I seem to have landed on clay.  Mind you, I can't draw very well (that I did not inherit from my parents), but I can shape, form and see things in a three dimensional way. 
I feel best when I am creating something.  It's like an outlet for my mind and emotions.   The clay is a friend of sorts because my emotions and thoughts  are made visible in it.  Whatever I am sorting through in my mind, comes out through my hands.  Then the piece begins to almost talk, comfort or propel people with the message, color and form.  After 12 years of doing this, the art never ceases to amaze me when it connects to another human being in a soulful way. 

So, this is my first attempt to blog, to reach out to the entire world.  I feel a little naked!  I have no idea who will begin to read this blog.  No idea where the blog will take us.  I really do not like the unknown.  Some people love the adventure.  Me, I like an adventure if someone is with me, by my side.  So, come stand beside me.  I will try too make this site interactive so you have a voice.  We are all in this world together, so let's help each other while we are here.