Friday, January 31, 2014

Meatloaf Dinner

Nothing says COMFORT food than homemade Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

So this is my recipe handed down from my mother
1 can diced tomatoes (drained)
1/2 Onion diced
1/2 Bell Peppers diced
one Hand full saltine crackers smashed up
1 egg
1 packet meatloaf seasoning

Put it all in a bowl and mix with your hand.  It works better that way

now place it in a pan and put ketchup across the top

now, while this is cooking for an hour to hour and a half

Start boiling your potatoes.  Once they are tender, add butter and a quick pour of milk or half and half.
I use the old fashioned potato masher because it make them fluffy and not gummy like what happens when you use a mixer.

microwave this in a glass bowl

then you get to eat this
sorry it's a little blurry, I guess it was low blood suger!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Using FotoFuze to Make your Items seem to Float in Space

Here is a step by step DIY

I use this program through my Etsy store.  So first I log into my store, then I open another tab and go to  I log into that site via Etsy Tab.  You can just log on and do your work without this step if you choose.

Next I find my listing I want to edit

Then I clicked on the first picture
The first Highlighter marker at the top right will automatically start filling in what you want to show.  It will also pick up the shadows.  The second marker gives you more control.  The third icon is the eraser.  You can always change the size of any of these choices using the sizing switch on the top at the end (but still above the photo)

Here is a quick visual on the steps on highlighting

After everything is highlighted, the screen will show you a preview.  If you don't like the shadows, you can remove them by clicking on the eraser and adjusting the size of the circle courser.  then just push down on your mouse and go over the highlights you want to remove.

 once you like what you see then click on finish at the bottom

 now it will go back to your listing.  Tap on the photo.  An E icon will appear.  Tap on that

you can either just add that picture to your listing, or you can update everything by tapping on the Update Full Listing.  I only update images.

Now it will make your listing look like it is floating in space

I am doing this for everything on my Etsy, ASKMESTUDIO store
but I am leaving the backgrounds on my ASKMEDECOR store
Two different products with two different feels.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

DIY Creating a Vignette

So, you see vignettes constantly in Magazines.

  It is a collection of items that tell a short story. 

Whether on a single table
 a wall 

a shelf
 or the entire space.

But today I am showing you how to do a table.

When you go on little trips, enjoy the crazy resale shops, antique shops and area flea markets. Bring home a treasure!   Even Hobby Lobby can add a lot to your vignette.

 First, I bought the Little painting at an Art and Crafts show. I love Roosters!

Next, I found the Turtle shell in an antique store in Fredericksburg, TX
I made the stand from a vintage candlestick

 The Brass Bird belonged to my mother

I found the metal and glass display at a resale shop here in Midland when my daughter and I were sharing some quality bonding time and giggles.
The table itself was a rehab piece from an estate sale.  The top had cracked in half down the center so I got it cheap.  A little wood glue, a couple of clamps. a sander and wood stain made it a wonder piece again!

The wire bird nest came from a store in Dallas as did the wooden hands.
I bought the eggs on ebay from a farmer
The Bird came from Michael's or Hobby Lobby

I am one of those people who has always loved Natural Science Museums
and in many ways I just have to create it in my own home

There you have it.  A Vignette that tells the story of adventures, family and nature
It is a table of memories


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making a Banner for your Etsy Store

 Here are the steps to make your shop Banner one of a kind

I believe in doing things as simple as possible!
so here is how I did my Banner

First I took a picture of my wall

Then I cropped the picture in Microsoft Publisher

Next I just made Text boxes and filled it in

Then I loaded this up onto my store.  The first time my txt was too low and you didn't even see it.  So I went back to my file and raised it up.

I added the other text box when I knew where everything would be seen

In the end, Etsy cropped it even more and it looks like this


Friday, January 24, 2014

How to make the "i love you" Valentine's Dish

I am doing a series of cute little dishes for every occasion.
Today I am going to give you a simple photo DIY lesson.

First, roll out some clay

Make a template for the dish and trace
(This template is used for many things I do)

Next, Pick out a stamp
(I made my own from my clay and just added a handle)

Now stamp it

I use a plastic cup to form the dish.  Just the right size
Make sure it is centered a lightly push in the center 

When the clay has dried (may take a day or two or three) then sand 
the edges round and sand the bottom to give it a flat base to sit

I use a shop vac to suck up all the clay dust off of each and every piece I sand.
Now you bisque fire, I do cone 04, then glaze or paint.
I use a paint brush to write the saying
then you apply a clear glaze and fire it again

Here you have it!

Great gift idea!
Wedding, Valentine's, Birthday, Anniversary, or Just Because...

Be Inspired

Thursday, January 23, 2014

San Angelo, Texas Adventure

San Angelo is a cool little west Texas town.
Only 2 hours away from Midland,
this is a great place to get-a-way for the day

Nothing like roaming the downtown district 
full of great shops

J Wilde's Boutique

J Wilde's Bedding
This store, which reminds me of Anthropology, it full of clothing, decor, Fabrics and vintage rehabbed furniture.

So, now your hungry?  

Go next door to Miss Hattie's for lunch or dinner
Miss Hattie's Restaurant
This history on this building is cool.  You can read it on the front inside cover of the menu.  I will give you the highlights.
Several brick walls and Tin Ceiling tiles are original to the building, which was built in 1884.  Orgininally is was a bank building.....with a little secret.
There was a tunnel that lead from the bank to the brothel.  So, the men would tell their wives they were going to the bank, which they would.  They would just leave out the part about taking the tunnel to the bar and women across the street.

Venturing off Concho street 
you will find The Hilton Hotel #3
That's right
This is the third Hotel that Mr. Hilton built.
Hilton Hotel #3 San Angelo, TX
The tile work and details throughout are amazing.  I am so happy no one has destroyed this building yet.  No longer a hotel, this building needs people to fill it up and make it happy again.  there are shops however on the ground floor around the perimeter.

 Next we decided to hit the Army surplus store. Fair is fair after the clothing store.
R71 BMW Motorcycle with side car

Cole's Army Surplus on Chadbourne
You can rent canoes
Buy Royal Googles
Buy a 100 Quart Stock Pot to feed all your friends too!

but the one thing I feel in love with was at a thrift store
Yep, a metal cart.  Great for walking through giant flea markets.  The only problem was it weighed alot.  I could not have gotten it in and out of the SUV by myself.  (Sad face)
so I left it behind.  Oh, well.  Can't grab everything just because it pulls on you somehow.