Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prayer Chain, it sparkles and speaks to your heart

It sparkles, it is colorful and it has meaning.  Each Prayer Chain is unique in the end.  Oh sure the beads are all the same on each one and the charrms have so many different meanings based on the views of the person buying it.  The cross at the bottom has as many as 50 different stamps design choices and can come in about 45 different colors with about 50,000 different saying on the back and different dangle off of the cross.  (Deeply inhaling).....

It's like house jewery, although, there are some who really will wear it around their necks.  Catholics have tha rosary, Jews have a prayer shawl and I wanted something to hold that had words of meaning that would not become stagnent.  These simple words would change in depth of meaning over time as your faith grew and your understanding matured and as life tossed you about a bit.    After 10 years, It has really done just that.  Over time I have added a few new beads, changed a charm or two, created new stamps and added glaze colors.  But this idea is a constant jewel in my collection.

Affordable art for the soul.  That what I try to create.  That's what I want as a gift for myself, so that's what I am making for others.