Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3D without the glasses

I can't draw.  I mean it.  I can trace, I can sketch but there is no depth to my pictures.  That's why I love clay.

This is called "The lamb cross".  The lamb is hand formed by hand and then I apply the wool from a very high tech device found in craft stores, lol.  The tree is hand formed.  I found the less you mess with the clay then the more real it looks.  The cross is stamped from a design I created (it's a lion) and the ledge for the lamb is added and stamped while the cross is still soft.. 

The most time consuming thing is painting the tree by hand and applying several coats.  But I just love how this piece turns out.  Each lamb seems to have a different expression to it's face.  The trees are all a bit unique.  But I love the way it pops off the wall when you see it from the front or the sides.  The fruit of course has meaning once you read the back.  The back says, The Lion of Judah, The Lamb of God, My Lord and my King.